Hey there! its us again. Just in case you wondered what the heck youre gonna do this weekend – you can stop because our weekend guide is here and its fresher than ever.
Make yourself a drink and jump in – enjoy!



ÄBinary — Alphabet Club
Wednesday Tako & Narkis Tepler 22.5
Sputnik – Obscurity // Lag Baomer


Art of Noise 23.05 /// Adi Shabat / Von Tee Rah
Summer Minhasof / Chapter I – 23/05
Meshulash #1
יום הסינתיסייזר הבינלאומי ★ בית רומנו ★ 23.5


Zusammen Wild West
Âme live – Beit Maariv Closing PARTY
May Club Marathon, Adriatique, Honey Dijon
15 Years Of Pacotek — Alphabet Club
Unterman – Coobe Release Party
Friday in Slippers: You're Not Alone #3 24.5


היידה! אפטר על הגג
Fusion Culture – Summer Sessions / OpenAir Day Gathering
Garden City Movement Live // Teder

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